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About Us

At Pakenham Mattresses we are committed to providing the best value for money mattresses, right across our range, from budget to premium.

Low overheads mean we don't have to charge high retail prices like our competitors with high profile retail shops and costly marketing campaigns. We certainly don't apply huge mark-ups just so we can give unrealistic discounts. 50% discounts and 'all sizes for the price of a single' promotions are misleading at best. In order to offer such high discounts you must first place a high price on your products. 500% markups are not uncommon. Few, if any mattresses are ever sold at these highly inflated, before discount prices. There is no saving to be had if no-one ever pays the full price. Similarly, if you want to sell queen size mattresses for the price of a single mattress, all you have to do is price your singles as though they were queens. We don't use these tactics to trick you into thinking you are saving money when you are not. Instead, we are committed offering the best value for money mattresses with genuine  discounts off the prices that the mattresses actually sell for, and not some made-up price.  We also offer special pricing on  factory seconds, ex displays, an end of model run outs. If this is the case the reason for the discount will be made clear to you. 

 Most  of our deliveries are made on the day of purchase, or at another time convenient to you. This is possible because we carry a large amount of mattresses in stock at all times and we do our own deliveries. Delivery is free of charge in and around Pakenham, Officer, Berwick, Cranbourne, all the Narre Warrens etc.  Other areas are usually no more than $50.  Just phone and ask if you are unsure.

Whether you purchase online, or from our warehouse/showroom you can be assured of a high level of friendly service. Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Pakenham Mattresses, and we are confidant we can recommend suitable mattress for you to try, based upon your stated preferences. We have no interest in selling you a mattress just for the sake of making a sale. We really do want you to be happy with your purchase.