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Returns Policy

Pakenham Mattresses does not accept returns of mattresses once they have been used.

If you have an issue with your mattress, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

If you feel there is a manufacturing fault, this will be dealt with under the terms of your warranty.

At Pakenham Matresses, we will assist you to choose a mattress you will be happy with from our range, taking into consideration your stated preferences, budget, and you trying our display stock for your comfort.

Please be aware that there will often be a period of adjustment with your new mattress. 

Your new mattress will feel different to the old one you have become used to. More importantly, it should feel different. After all, if you were happy with your old mattress you would not be replacing it.

In all cases we strongly advise that a mattress protector be used to maintain your mattress in a sanitary condition should the need for warranty service arise.